It’s no secret that we are placing more reliance on our smartphones – and using them at all times of the day for all sorts of purposes! For the consumer, this is great. It means we can shop online, contact local business and book the services that we’re interested in, all without leaving the couch. But what does this mean for those small businesses?

1. Location, location, location

In days gone by, having the right location in a set of shops meant the difference between success and failure. Now however, having a great physical location isn’t the only thing that matters – by including localised keywords within your website content, your customers can quickly and easily find the businesses that are closest to them!

2. Word of Mouth

Many customers base their purchases on online reviews, as they offer an excellent insight into past client’s experiences. This means they aren’t having to take a risk on new brands whose reputation still hasn’t been solidified – though it also means you need to be far more aware of your customer service, both in store and online.

3. The Rise of Young Shoppers

The vast majority of online shoppers is made up by those under 35, as they have been bought up using the internet and smartphones as if it were second nature. Use this to your strengths, and create campaigns that appeal to young shoppers, especially if that is your target audience.

4. Conversions come easily

Unlike strip shopping, where customers are often simply browsing to fill in time, if a user has gone out of their way to search your business or for a service you offer, it’s likely that they are planning on reaching out and making an appointment. Indeed, some studies have shown that three out of four mobile searches trigger some form of follow up action.

5. Online Presence is Essential

In the past, may small businesses saw no need to manage their businesses online – often avoiding even managing a website, let alone social media accounts! Now, however, those same practices would label your brand untrustworthy, and many potential customers wouldn’t even know you exist.

Unfortunately, if your business lacks an online presence, then you could be potentially missing out on lots of new customers. If you aren’t appearing on the first page of the major search engines, then the chances are your competitors will be. If you’re yet to establish a localised SEO campaign, contact Zeemo on 1800 881 594 today.

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